Hello my Name is Osman Kahraman. I currently study physics at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. This is my personal homepage.

I am very indulged in many topics, such as science, philosophy and history. Mostly I spend my day on my work and going from rabbit hole to rabbit hole. Always open for change, I love to talk and discuss many topics.

Thus I like to welcome you to my homepage. Here follows a little about me and my toughts.


I study physics, if you are a careful reader to a keen eye for details, you already know this. I stared to scour the internet as a young teen and to me always stood out the concepts of physics. In my curiousness I stumbled onto topics such as General Relativity and Particle Physics, to which my understanding then was minimal. But the principle of which this revolved around were always interesting philosophical concepts that it kept me there.

Today I try to engage in my studies as much as I can, though I tend to struggle to stay with my course work and not trail of into deep rabbit holes. I like to stay informed on current research. I can recommend the method of utilizing RSS-feeds for this, that I found here.

My future is still open as insofar I have yet to decide what direction I want to head in my career. For now I am sure of the fact that I want to peruse research.


Philosophy is a important tool for anyone that is indulging in academic work. Both morals and ethics are important part of modern life and research. But metaphysics is the part that is what I like to dwell into knowing the impracticability of it. There is just something special to the thought of transcending our human bounds and nature trying to explain what we call reality.

Philosophy is not only made up of philosophical theories but also the analytical tools used. To be more precise is Philosophy pointless, if there is no way of trying to give definite meaning to the words used. Which is very interesting since Philosophy is always considered an inherently vague field, but his could not be further from the truth.

Because human languages are always filled with nuances, by thinking of the possible ways to interpret a given wording is a great way of finding flaws and inconsistencies, which is very important when working with very abstract topics. This has to be also utilized in science. When writing about complex topics one has to keep in mind how a small change in wording might change a readers perspective.

Of course the utilisation of formal logic and thus also mathematics is thought to be the most precise way of describing anything and this system is the most important way to understand reality as it is. Whereas our wording is the way we try to understand from a human perspective, which we still have to rely on. So the importance of thinking about your work and asking the right questions is a great way of acquiring precision.


I love to learn about human history. It is very interesting to compare the life of others that came before us with ours and realize how far we have come both individual and as a species. Especially the social constructs that once were are particular interesting. We can and still have so much to learn from the past, because we still sometimes fall for the same sham twice.

In light of current events in these past years one feels the burden of the present on oneself and is constantly reminded how the shortness of the moment we live in. I suppose is not special to us in any major way but still I wonder if people might have felt the same when they have been confronted with bad events during their distant past time.